Enlightening Life: August 2014 Energy Report ~ by Jennifer Hoffman

Enlightening Life: August 2014 Energy Report ~ by Jennifer Hoffman

“If you have been following me on Facebook I have been sharing a lot of information about the intense week that we are now coming out of. Lots of energy downloads, a few solar flares, and a gamma ray burst from the sun wiped us all out. You may be feeling the need to rest, sleep, and generally feeling very unmotivated (I have taken a 2 hour nap nearly every day this week and slept 12 hours on Saturday night). The focus now is on being, not doing. On setting the course for creation, planning before action, ensuring that we have all of our ‘ducks in a row’ before we get fully into something and realize that we have just created something we don’t like or are not aligned with.

With this kind of energy the urge to take action, to do anything at all, can compel us to act before we consider what serves us. If you find yourself feeling stuck or trying things that just don’t work out, consider what you are doing and why. Don’t be afraid to look for any fears that are lurking behind you too, they may come up this month, for very good reasons. The energy doesn’t slow down this month either but we do get somewhat of a reprieve from all of the hustle and bustle, in a way. I discuss it in the  August Energy Report, which is this week’s message:”

Enlightening Life: August 2014 Energy Report
by Jennifer Hoffman
On August 3, 2014  

“August brings a welcome relief from the intensity of July, which is always a tough month for me. Whether it’s the Cancer sign water energy that douses my Aries fire energy, or the heat of the summer which I don’t really care for, I have never felt comfortable in July. I’m an action person and I need to be moving, creating, doing something, and feeling useful and July never does that for me. Well, we get a little bit of action opportunity in August, together with forces to ensure that we’re taking action in a considered way, keeping in mind that what we do must serve us in the best way. Action without a plan or potential outcome is a recipe for unfulfilled expectations. And to ensure that you use August energies in the best way, you should plan to relax, refresh yourself, renew some aspect of your goals or dreams, review the past only for the lessons it contains, and set a course for your new future, which is just another word for unrealized or unactivated potential.

If you have been hoping that some time this year you would feel like you have the green light to surge ahead, you may be a little disappointed in August. I say ‘a little’ because you may feel more motivated this month, once we have processed the hammering we received towards the end of July, which should be fully resolved by August 10th’s full moon. We have a lot of support for creation this month, with some restraint because we have both Mars and Saturn in  Scorpio to put on the brakes, along with Neptune energy to make sure that we are using our spiritual gifts, guidance, and intuition in the process.

Yes, we have to consider the brakes here because Mars and Saturn together are the proverbial ‘irresistible force meets the immovable object’. At best, we can use this energy to carefully consider each step and take intentional, guided, confident action. At its worst, this energy is like trying to drive with one foot on the gas and one on the brake, we don’t go anywhere fast but make a lot of noise, burn rubber, and create a lot of smoke. Together they are downplaying the tremendous creative energy that we have in August, with the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter in bold, outrageous Leo, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I find it interesting that a Scorpio/Leo square is so prominent this month because Scorpio is the sign of our inner world, the deepest, darkest places  and Leo is the sign of the Sun, bold, creative, outspoken, outgoing, ‘out there’, and willing to take risks. With Scorpio though, we’re asked to take action that really serves us, to risk within our limits, to ‘look before we leap’, act from our inner guidance,  and to be clear in our outcome, rather than hoping for the best with our eyes closed to what we know is not going to work out.

I recently worked with a client who has been trying to make a profound life change for the past two years and is still stuck on ‘start’. She knows what she wants to do but she is afraid and that’s OK. The problem is she is trying to pretend that she is not afraid, she is not honoring her fears and addressing them in the context of her actions, so every time she moves forward, her fears pop up. They would go away if she would address them but she sees this as a sign of failure – she should be stronger than her fears, they shouldn’t bother her, she is more powerful than that, and she can ‘will’ them away. And yet, her fears remain. Until she is willing to honor her fears and satisfy their requirements, she will continue to be stuck on start and will not move forward.

Fears let us know where we need security, validation, and comfort. And if those qualities were missing in any part of our lives, they’re going to pop up with every change we try to make. It isn’t a sign of weakness to be afraid, but it is not very wise to pretend those fears don’t exist. This is Saturn/Mars in Scorpio challenging our creative drive and bold actions, so that we can face our fears, to know what they are, find their source, and then plan around them. Are you afraid of the dark? Bring a flashlight and extra batteries. Do you think you won’t have enough to eat? Pack a lunch. Do you think someone will not like you? Wear your favorite outfit, stand up proud and tall, and remember that you can’t please everyone but if you’re happy, you have won both the battle and the war. Learn to throw your own celebrations and invite people who really love and resonate with you to them.

This is a month to take action when you feel it’s right and best, and most importantly, that it serves you and your desired outcome. We need to stop looking for approval and validation from people who don’t share our vision. People usually judge our goals relative to their ability to see themselves doing the same thing. If they can’t make that connection, they won’t think you can either, no matter how right or perfect that action is for you. Don’t ask someone who doesn’t like camping for advice about camping gear. That’s not a silly comparison, we do it all the time. Keep your own counsel, share when you feel that it’s right and you’re speaking to the right audience.

But above all, make sure that each step serves you — your intention, your outcome, your joy, peace, and gives you the self validation that lets you know you are on the right path because it feels right and good. Use this month’s Leo creative energy to explore your potential and the limiting energy of Mars/Scorpio to double check your plans, so you know that you are making moves that will create what you want. If you don’t think it’s the right time to act, then don’t. You’ll have other opportunities next month. And use this month’s keywords, relax, refresh, renew, and review (and it isn’t even a Mercury retro month — that happens next month) to consider your options and leave a little room for miracles and blessings from a benevolent Universe that is waiting for you to go public with your dreams. The future represents everything you have not done until now — it is another word for unrealized potential. Make your potential real by taking guided, soulful, considered action that serves you.

Have a wonderful month!”


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