~What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2014?~Are there particular activities that will serve us during the month of August 2014?August 2014 Message From the Akashic Records:
An Excerpt from the Message of August 2014 by Jen Eramith

What energy and experiences can we expect in August 2014?
The energy this month will feel like coming out of a dark room into bright sunlight, or like waking up from a deep sleep.  There is the feeling of big energy that is available for you that may be so big that it is overwhelming at first, but you will adjust as the month goes on. 

Many of you might feel disoriented at the beginning of the month.  It will be important for you to work on being grounded and centered.  You may find it useful to get a little more sleep than usual and to include other physical grounding activities.  Yet the most important thing to do this month will be to pay attention to what you see, hear and feel — and be authentic and honest about those things.  Do not pretend anything.  It is important for you to be grounded in what is really true, not what you hope to be true.  Do not dwell on what you wish is true, nor on what you are afraid may be true.  Embrace and be grounded in what really is happening.  That will be the key for this month. 

This energy coming in August is a big healing energy.  It is like a big ball of Light.  It may come as a relief to some of you.  It is very clear that this month, both on a personal level and on the collective level, there is much to be done.  If you imagine yourself coming out of a dark room into bright sunlight, once you get oriented then you see things you have never seen before.  You will be called to act, or moved, to do things as you realize more of what you can see now.  Be prepared and make time in your schedule for new or unexpected events.  Plan on having a lot of work to do, many relationships to manage, and extra time for dealing with changes along the way. 

This is a good time to roll up your sleeves and smile while you work.  It will not serve you to be lazy or avoidant this month.  There is so much happening so fast, it will be important for you to keep up with it.  The overall vibration here is one of goodwill, love, and healing.  So it will be enjoyable work if you cease to resist and instead choose to embrace it.  Embrace the truth, embrace the work that you are called to do, and embrace any problem that comes your way as an opportunity to get that work done.

Are there particular activities that will serve us during the month of August 2014?
It will be useful for many of you to spend time with people.  Fill your social calendar with things to do, especially if they include opportunities to meet with people and have conversations.  For some of you, formal or professional meetings will be useful.  For others it may be more informal, such as barbecues or coffee dates with friends.  Most will find it useful to increase both formal and informal meetings this month. 

It will be important for you to plan ahead and look forward to each conversation.  Be prepared for times when you are interacting with people by thinking ahead about what you have learned in each relationship.  Consider what you know and what you want to have happen in your relationship with each person you meet.  Try to be grounded and aware of your priorities before the meeting begins so you can remain centered and take full advantage of your time together.  There is so much that needs to be done and a lot of it will transpire in your relationships and through your interactions.  Embrace that by planning interactions rather than reacting to the interactions that come your way by accident.  That is one activity that will serve you very well this month…”

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