Change of Plan for the RV (Financial Currency Revaluation) [video] June 29, 2014 ~ by Rob Potter & Expect the Unexpected, This RV May Unfold Differently Than We Thought! by Dave Schmidt/The Sedona Connection

Change of Plan for the RV (Financial Currency Revaluation)
June 29, 2014 ~ by Rob Potter
& Expect the Unexpected,
This RV May Unfold Differently Than We Thought!
by Dave Schmidt/The Sedona Connection

Starship Earth: The Big Picture
What’s happening on our planet—and why
Change of Plan for the RV (Financial Currency Revaluation)
June 29, 2014 ~ by Rob Potter

You may have seen some blog posts and discussions around the ‘net these past few days pertaining to the OPPT, SwissIndo, Dragon Families and meetings.

Here are links to some of those.

Mel Ve 6-24-14, “Report back from Indonesia”… “Meeting with SwissIndo and ‘King of Kings’ Sugihartononotonegoro”


Benjamin Fulford – June 23, 2014: Big power plays by Rothschilds, Rockellers leave Putin on the defensive and China in the middle

And now tonight there is the Poofness/Zap update… and they’re telling us… this is REALLY it, this time.

As we know, there has been a great deal of controversy around these groups who are benevolent/purport to be benevolent—however the ever-present disinfo campaigns and trolls have been all over them for the past couple of years, making them look bad.

While many distrusted these people, others are soundly on board and confidently moving forward with the plan for the release of funds, intel, etc. toward the end goal of The RV, the release of the global collateral accounts, etc. so that humanitarian projects can begin to ease the suffering in the world.

The video and update below came out today, and it sounds to me like the benevolent powers who have been working to release funds to Humanity have found a workaround so that things CAN move forward, yet still keep the cabal’s fingers out of the pie.

The OPPT has already proven to be a “good thing”—although many didn’t understand it and made it about money, when it wasn’t. It will be interesting to see how the rest plays out.

If they can really pull it off, great. We’ll see. The last thing we want to do is inadvertently fund the cabal’s murderous antics any further.  ~ BP

Quick Update to  Expect the Unexpected, This RV May Unfold Differently Than We Thought!

This video is a quick update to the June 25th video and newsletter, giving another look at that message with some more information.

For months I have stated the only place on earth those funds exists to pay for such a large sum for the RV/GCR is from the Dragon Family in Asia.

After the video was posted i was contacted by an individual who communicates with the Ambassador of the Family almost every day.  He said the Ambassador wanted me to know that the message was “spot on” and my opinion was “spot on.”

Since then I have had a conversation with the individual and he has stated the Ambassador would like to start a communication process with me.

What they are saying is what was stated in the video, expect the unexpected, do not expect to be able to go into the bank a few days after the RV and exchange your funds for the public exchange.  Due to the steep corruption throughout the financial system they will require a different process to release these funds.  Stay tuned for further follow ups.

Click here for the June 25th video and newsletter

Blessings!!!  Dave


The Sedona Connection ~ with Dave SchmidtJune 25, 2014
Expect the Unexpected, This RV May Unfold Differently Than We Thought!

What is this RV/GCR all about?  Many are expecting to become wealthy overnight.  But is that what we should expect?   Is it about an explosion of new people becoming rich overnight ,or is it about a historical event that changes the course of humanity?

I have clearly taught that this is about the ‘freeing of humanity,’ a shift in the paradigm of how the human race handles wealth.  This is not about a few people becoming rich, but about humanity beginning a shift from a paradigm of ‘service to self’ to ‘service to others.’

June 25th Update

Sources from all over dinarland have been saying we can expect a change this weekend, by July 1st.  Why?  Effective on that date, the new Basil III banking standards are being implemented.

With all of these high expectations, many are hoping that the RV funds will be released, and expect to in be the bank exchanging their currencies within a few days.

What does this really entail?  What could we expect with millions of people showing up to exchange their dinar and dong, expecting to be overnight millionaires?  Is this really how it could happen?  I don’t think so.  There are practical and logical procedures to follow.  There are questions to be asked, based on who is paying for this historical RV/GCR.

In this newsletter video, I explain why the release of the funds will be much different than what we may have expected.  I expound on why we should ‘expect the unexpected.’

For months, I have said the key to this whole process is in understanding who is ‘footing the bill?’  In other words, who is actually buying our dinar and dong; who is the source of the funds we expect to receive?  For months, I have said that it is the Dragon Family, the group who are the trustees of trillions of dollars of gold held throughout various countries in Asia.  Three days ago, a new Youtube was released by Ron Van Dyke, a gentleman who interviewed the Ambassador of the Dragon Family.  The Ambassador explains the Family’s vision for humanity.  This video lines up with what I have been teaching in my newsletters, radio programs and workshops for months.  I believe the Dragon Family is the source of our new found wealth.  Below is the Youtube video of that interview.  If you want to fully understand the full picture behind this week’s newsletter, you will want to listen to this video.


In March of this year, I also shared a video entitled “The Freeing of Humanity.”  It is related to the above video, as it describes the Seokarno Trust, a vast sum of gold related to the Dragon Family.  Both of these videos will help you understand the source of these funds.   They explain ‘the why’ behind the funds and the basis for my teaching this week.

3/11/2014: The Freeing Of Humanity

Watching these videos will help you catch the vision behind this RV/GCR.  The releasing of these funds are the first steps in the ‘freeing of humanity’ from millennia of financial slavery.  We are the trailblazers in this process of a new freedom for the human race.

Click here for this week’s radio program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived anytime.



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