A short update on the energies

“…And remember, you are helping this light to ripple out far and wide, but this is not something that needs to be directed by you in order for it to go where it is most needed. No, this light is a sentient light, and it knows fully well just where it needs to go in order to obtain optimal results. For you are like sprinklers of light, and as you go about in your world you help to send this light into every single corner of this planet, and no matter where you journey takes you, you will have an effect that extends even further. ..” ❤

aisha north

We begin today’s missive by thanking you all for the way that you continue to seek for enlightenment in every way you can. You see, this is in all aspects an ongoing process, and now that you have managed to free yourself from so much that can be defined as inhibitors, you have all in some ways become as busy bees, looking in all directions for something more to add to your repertoire of light. And what do we mean by that? Simply the fact that you have all in some way started to seek out that direction you knew beforehand would take you even further on your journey, and as we have talked about in earlier missives, this part of your journey is all about creating.

For every single day, you all cast out your web of light to see what it will bring back to you later on…

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