June 2014 – Predictions, Comments and Questions by Steve Rother and The group


June 2014 – Predictions, Comments and Questions by Steve Rother and The group
posted 15 May, 2014

or watch directly on YouTube:

June 2014 – Predictions, Comments and Questions by Steve Rother and The group

Description and Partial Transcript by me, PB:

(Music to start, due to technical issues, then Barbara’s introduction starts about 14:50, and Steve starts speaking for The Group at (16:05) and ends at (34:47).

Steve discusses the waves of energy, how fear interferes with creation, new life forms incubating on Earth, and in the coming months, the ongoing redistribution of water (resulting in drought/crop failure/lack and/or floods/rising water levels on the planet). The two driest states that will suffer the greatest water shortage impact in coming months and over the next year will be California and Texas, due to a change in the flow of the Arctic winds, and other weather pattern changes.

He also mentions the shifting spin of the Earth, our carbon footprint and other earth changes coming over the long run, as we move into a new mini-ice age (27:00) but he advises us to fear not, for we are experiencing an accelerated evolution in order to adapt.

He talks about the DENSITY PULL from the spin of the Earth, and fluctuating MAGNETICS and how that impacts our EMOTIONS. He makes a brief mention of our political theater, as being all about DUALITY and OPPOSITION, so Polarity and Dancing in Density. We are collectively in 5D, but following 3D polarity rules.  “FEAR IS THE BIG CHALLENGE…” (30:45)  “….DEAL WITH YOUR OWN INNER FEAR, STEP BACK SLIGHTLY AND WATCH THE WORLD, OBSERVE FEARLESSLY, AND KNOW THAT YOU HAVE BEEN PLACED HERE, BECAUSE YOU ARE ONE OF THE BEINGS THAT CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE…You are one of the beings that can hold the light from home, even in a dense physical body, so take these energies and step forward. You will see much changes, you will see weather pattern changes in the next months, we’ll see more of this coming forward, so pray for those that are experiencing this, send them your energy, whatever that looks like, and understand that sometimes just empathy can be a huge healing area for all of you. You are together on this planet, and if you are able to make a difference in some way, through sending energy, or getting practically involved, or sending money, or whatever you  do…these are the things that can help bring you together, as a group of beings stepping forward into the New Light…”

 (32:32) “…So we tell you, for the next couple of months..watch for SEISMIC RELEASES…these would be what you call EARTHQUAKES, there is one that is building, because what is happening is, on the main tectonic plates, in what you would call the PACIFIC OCEAN, there are energies that are moving still… Now we predicted something a very long time ago, and we will stand by that prediction, that is to WATCH as a RATHER LARGE EARTHQUAKE TAKES PLACE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PACIFIC OCEAN. When that happens, Dear Ones, there will be widespread destruction in many different areas, SO WHAT WE ARE DOING WITH YOU, WHEN WE ARE WORKING WITH THE LIGHTMASTERS AND THOSE THAT HAVE THE ABILITY TO GROUND THE LIGHT, IS TO START CHANGING THAT ENERGY AND WORKING IN HARMONY WITH PLANET EARTH …SO THAT MANY OF THESE CAN BE RELEASED BEFORE IT HAS TO BECOME CATASTROPHIC. IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THAT WAY. AND RIGHT NOW IS THE TIME WHEN ALL OF YOU CAN START MAKING A DIFFERENCE. HOW DO YOU DO THAT? YOU STEP -OUT- OF FEAR!…”

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