What’s Happening on 6/14/14?

Remains to be seen. I take any anticipated events attached to predictive dates with a grain of salt. Everything is in constant flux. Timelines constantly shift, according to individual free will and the collective mass consciousness. However, I do think that dreams can be both predictive and important. I would love to see the 9/11 Truth Genie uncorked from the bottle…for this key event will unleash a plethora of truths that will shake society to its knees. But in the aftermath, we won’t be crawling, we will stand tall and jump for joy at our new found freedoms, and the opportunities for collective healing and transcendence that they bring. ~PB

lotus-pink sunrise water-mud

Laura Bruno's Blog

I wasn’t going to write about this date again, but so many people have emailed me privately or asked about it in private sessions that I think it warrants some additional comment. As I said when I first mentioned my dream about 6/14/14, I do not know what the dream means:

… Several months ago, I had what felt like a prophetic dream, which mentioned the date 6/14/14 over and over again. I don’t normally dream about dates, but in this dream, not only was it 6/14/14, but the characters kept pointing to calendars and remarking on 6/14/14 as a birthday. At the end of the dream, someone handed me a lotus blossom, with the mud still dripping from their hand. I got the impression that the “lotus” was the world, blossoming from a period of “mud.” When I opened my eyes (in waking life), a large, pink rectangle…

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