Breaking Through The Barricades: May’s Gemini New Moon > Lynda Hill



Breaking Through The Barricades: 

May’s Gemini New Moon > Lynda Hill

“We’ve had some pretty gnarly times lately, astrologically speaking and this coming new Moon is another one that will test many people’s sensibilities. This is a Gemini new Moon and it is exactly squared by Neptune, which is likely to have some feeling rather disillusioned and wondering what the heck is going to happen next. Some, though, of course, can find a renewed sense of creativity and spirituality, but, it seems, that is likely to be borne from rediscovering one’s desires, goals, boundaries, and, perhaps, limits.

The new Moon is on Thursday, May 29, and there is good and not-so-good news contained in the astrological omens. Jupiter and Saturn are trine, for instance, and this can bring about some good, sound decisions and the desire to move forward. However, about ten days after the new Moon, Mercury goes retrograde, so it’s a bit of one-step-forward-two-steps-back – two-steps-forward-one step back. We are likely to be adjusting and readjusting our expectations in amongst it all. …”


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