Eliza: On Allowing Change

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: On Allowing Change

This morning I woke up with the images of a dream fast vanishing from my awareness, save one thing. In the dream, I found a white otter pup and was carrying it around like I do sometimes carry a cat in my dream. It was partially grown, definitely an otter, being white (very rare) with little paws rather than flippers (like a seal).

This morning, upon waking, I looked up what “otter” means as an animal totem. Otters are by nature very playful and joyous creatures. They live primarily in or near water, carrying a balance of the feminine elements, water and earth. Otters represent a balanced feminine energy that works with and cooperates with others. Carrying otter energy encourages one to set aside time to play and share with others. This energy also encourages one to let go of material goods that burden one and…

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