Walking Meditation


Walking Meditation
by Phoenix Boulay

Its a cold, overcast day. Work has been scarce lately. It’s as if the whole world is taking an in-breath, and holding…


I am going to have some soup, dress warm and go walk in the trees of the vast Arboretum, and breathe in the beauty, breathe out my gratitude. ❤


Things are not always as they appear. In the cold early days of Spring, seedlings remain underground. Leaves have yet to unfurl. Flowers bud, but are reluctant to blossom.  All is well. All is well in my world, as below the surface, new life is stirring. All is well in my world, as we shift the paradigm. It’s a New Moon, and I will commune with nature today, knowing that the sun will shine again, soon. Blessed I AM~!

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