Journal Entry 04.27.2014

It’s all about balance, but sometimes we do go through a healing crisis as a way of clearing the body and emotions, and giving the spirit a rest. Sending well wishes to Eliza for speedy recovery. ❤

Blue Dragon Journal

Sage Mountain

Journal Entry 04.27.2014

What a funny day it is outside, dampish, cloudy and with new snow on the ridge outside of town. The pink dogwoods are blooming in town and there’s snow in the mountains all over Washington State.

I just went to the store, one where I can get organic goodies at a fairly decent price and where few shoppers were present this early on a Sunday morning. I try to avoid crowds wherever possible, that’s one reason I live in a smaller town. Still, you have to pick your moment to go places and Sunday early is nice.

I’m still wobbly from my physical misadventures. I’ve had this bronchitis now for two weeks and am still coughing. I’ll probably take a while to regain full strength but am able to do some things, like shopping, so that feels like a small victory. Amazing how much we take our…

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