Cosmic Wind – another eclipse! ~ a message from Sarah Biermann


Cosmic Wind – another eclipse! ~ a message from Sarah Biermann
Monday, 28 April, 2014

“Wow! The cosmic energy is quite powerful!

From the perspective of “out there” we are upgrading the Energy Templates for our bodies individually and collectively (old souls will have more awareness of this and will more strongly experience of the shifts).

The other major template that is up-leveling is the Money/Financial Systems and Values. It is time for us to release our judgment about money. In the Destiny Cards Oracle Deck (using the playing cards) diamonds represents money and values. Money was created to make it easier to have a balanced exchange of energy.

There is an undistorted energy of money that is quite beautiful. My visual is to pass through the dark, heavy clouds created by the misuse of money etc., to the bright star that is the pure essence of money. Ask money to come to you to balance your energy. Old souls are working on learning self-love and self-worth so we can have unbalanced money energy expressed as over-giving.

Another confusing change is the experience of blending the of some of our parallel realities. With each choice, especially major ones, when part of us chooses one thing there can be another part that chooses another. It is like taking a different route driving home. Sometimes we end up at the same place, regardless of the different routes. When this happens the parallels can blend back together. Your soul gets the experiences received from both paths.

A few years ago I played with the parallel potentials. To get to my house I can take two different routes. On this day I chose the left-turn route, but I was somewhat aware of the me that went the right turn route. As I pulled into my driveway I suddenly saw that my car was already there! I slammed on the brakes to avoid a collision. It was shocking and discombobulating! It took a couple of heart-pounding, head-spinning minutes to get grounded in one reality and park my car. This was a very real and clear lesson about parallels; how they work and how it feels to blend. (The other thing I learned was to stay in one parallel while driving!)

My car experience was only a small blend and it was confusing. What’s happening now is bigger and old souls will feel it much more than younger souls.

Some of the symptoms:

Feel ungrounded
Have had dreams and/or waking moments of not knowing who or where you are
Can’t focus, especially on left-brain activities
Feel confused or unsure (doubt)
Have had old triggers activated – are feeling/doing things that you thought you were done with
Have joint and muscle pain
Headaches or tightness stuck around your head


Do not blame yourself. This leads you to doubt and worry – the traps of the old soul.
Go for a walk – especially in nature or near a large body of water
Go out and put your butt on the ground and dig in the dirt – plant something
Stay really conscious of what triggers you and try to catch it before you spin out. Write a list of your triggers –

Thinking about it helps you stay aware
It is like a shopping list, even if you leave the list at home, you remember better if you write it down
You have something to refer to if you start to feel bad and are not sure why

I was thinking about the Grand Cross. It is a balanced cross which is spirit combined (crossed) with matter. The cross is contained within a diamond shape representing money and values.

There is a “crossing point” at the center, like the crossing of two paths. No wonder the parallels are blending!

The 2nd eclipse is happening on April 29th. This is a solar eclipse (the Moon travels between the Earth and the Sun) in Taurus. It is creating a comfortable trine with Pluto (part of the Grand Cross). Pluto is retrograde leading us to revisit our shadow (negative emotions). This is why your old triggers can be up again. Mercury is in conjunct the Sun and Moon. Taurus offers a path out of the underworld. Let Venus (Taurus) and Mercury hold your hands and guide you out of the Underworld with gentle, loving thoughts about yourself.”

Sarah Biermann – Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy Healer, Writer and Artist – Email:

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