Eliza: On Surrender

A lovely journey through the Dark Night of the Soul to surrender, healing, transcendence and redemption. ❤

Blue Dragon Journal


Eliza: On Surrender

It has been quite a physical challenge for me these past two weeks as my body has fought off a bout of viral bronchitis. I can unequivocally state that I have not been quite so ill for some 20 years. I was immersed in a feverish state for nearly an entire week and only gained enough strength to go to the doctor the other day. He promptly put me on a dose of antibiotics to fight off any remaining infection in my body. I don’t like antibiotics, but sometimes they can be useful. I have not had to use any for over 10 years so can’t say that I overly abuse them these days.

One thing I noticed was this illness was a sort of rite of passage for me. I experienced quite a lot of miasmic debris welling up, such as self-pity, self-hatred, feelings of lack…

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