Vulnerability in a New Era

Vulnerability is often mistaken for weakness, when actually, it takes great inner strength to risk and allow oneself to be vulnerable.

The Annac Blog

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

As consciousness continues to rise, humanity will be tasked with coming together and loving each other on a much more personal level than we’ve been accustomed to. Vulnerability might become very important, because we’ll need to be able to show a sincere side of ourselves if we want to change the cold and impersonal manner in which humans have functioned for centuries.

Learning that vulnerability isn’t a sign of weakness will help us open up to deeper aspects of ourselves, because we’ll be able to commune with each other on a realer level. We’re stepping into this new communion as we advocate a way of life that’s rooted in it, and here, we’re going to examine what our channeled sources have said about vulnerability.

This important quality enables us to be closer with one another, and only by completely surrendering the ego, which almost…

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