The Energies of April 2014 ~ a message from Jamye Price

The Energies of April 2014
a message from Jamye Price
(posted 4 April, 2014)


There is movement in April that is generally a feeling of improvement over the first few months of 2014.  In the first few months of this year, we were still adjusting to some energies of December.  Just around the solstice, there was a major challenging shift that occurred in the balance of dark/light, negative/positive with humanity.  It was during this shift that the oppositional forces on earth lost their dominant power hold.  It resulted in an increase in ‘scramble’ for power.  It did not matter, the balance had been tipped.  I don’t often talk about things like the illuminati, the ruling elite or the dark forces because it is not my path to focus there.  There are some whose path requires not only focus, but whistleblowing or some sort of interaction.  For many, they will not be uncovering the dark, but building the new.  That is where we meet.  Lightworkers have all sorts of duties and each individual will have a mixing and a shifting of duties (like Marianne Williamson running for Congress!).  This is the year of personal empowerment.  In April, you are being called deeper into your path of service, more aptly named your path of sharing your Light.  We are at a pivotal point in the Ascension of humanity.  Still challenging in ways, yet ever exciting and enlightening.  The masses are awakening, the Lightworkers are refining their strength.  The balance is now in favor of humanities evolution toward freedom.  Still, there is work to be done.

March Review

March had the energy of movement, preparation and Truth.  Oy!  That Truth! In March many were gently nudged (pushed) to speaking and living their Truth.  It could have manifested in many different ways, some had the task of speaking up and holding boundaries with family, co-workers or friends.  Some had the task of not spewing words or resistance in order to open to the Truth they were masking within.  Even the monthly energies class that I teach each month had quite an intensity to it.  I felt like apologizing to everyone for all the change that was initiated!  I’m kidding, I actually felt a lot of admiration for their courage and relief for what was released.  It is each of our personal journeys of courage, self-empowerment, forgiveness, creativity and change that affects the Whole.  Ascension occurs for the collective within each individual.  You create it, then you emanate it and the collective responds.  See the exponential change?  Right now all the chaos that is going on around us is responding to our inner call for peace, equality, joy, freedom and creativity.  Your courage to look within is admirable and appreciated.  It’s the work that our psyche and our world systems try to avoid.  Love them anyway, Lightworker.  It creates change for the betterment of All Life.

April Energies

April has manifestation energy to it, but more focused around the path becoming clear.  When you are manifesting something, there are clues.  You are forming something from the subtle, invisible planes into the denser, physical, visible planes.  So if you are wanting to create relationship, you begin that with a subtle desire or idea.  It’s done.  Relationship is on its way as people in alignment with the totality of you begin to gravitate in your direction.  Soulmates, temporary example or initiation partners; they are all gravitating into your life and clues begin because the relationship is still in its subtle form.  You will see examples all around you, feelings will stir, issues will stir, fears will stir, hope will stir.  As you clean up the vibrational patterns (still in subtle form) you are facilitating alignment with the physical form.  You will experience ‘doors’ opening and closing and its all for you to look within and continue the vibrational work.  In April, the overall path to creation will become clearer for many.  Your clarity merely helps with the movement.  The action path will become clearer and the details will become clearer.

I had an experience of vacillating on a choice a few years ago.  My Guides said, “Make a choice or one will be made for you.”  It came with the understanding that it wasn’t a ‘choose or be punished, choose or lose,’ scenario, or even that choice must be made or I’ll be dominated, not get what I want or any other type of disempowering reaction.  It is merely that either I choose, or Life will continue to aim me in the direction of my evolution.  There are no wrong decisions, only decisions.  Any decision causes an effect.  The decision not to act causes an effect.  Your clarity can be as vague as not knowing details, but knowing with such surety of the brilliance of the flow of life that any decision will be ‘right.’  You have the free will to change direction at any moment.  That change of direction begins within, magnetizes experience to you and begins to build the form of your Life.

If you are feeling frustration (or any other resistance) toward where you are on the path, you are blocking the flow to the path.  As you release the frustration or resistance, the path flows more easily and rapidly.  Life is unfolding benevolently for evolution, even the opposition has a purpose.  There is perfection in the timing and interaction that is not obvious in the midst of challenge.  April will begin to shed more light on the challenges and open doors that are appropriate for your path.  It will feel more like the gears are clicking into place.  It will feel like the expansion is more viable.  Your work is to observe this on an internal level, as much of what you will be seeing on the world stage is the ‘birthing pains’ and ‘death throes.’

The Astrology

(Cue ominous music…)

Eclipses, oppositions, Grand Crosses! Oh my! There is some intense astrology in April.  Around mid-month the 5th (change) of 7 (wisdom) Uranus/Pluto squares culminates in a Cardinal Grand Cross along with a solar eclipse.  Yowza!  As I was looking at the energy of April without really realizing the details of the astrology, I had a feeling of big change, a big stir up of energy.  I don’t know how that will play out on the world stage, but it doesn’t really matter.  We are to maintain our focus on the inner world, even as we interact with all that is occurring outside of us.  You as a Lightworker will become clearer about your path within the breaking down of the old restrictions and the building of the new potentials.

Astrology offers an understanding of the push/pull energy that helps move things into a more fluid, expansive, empowered state of being.  Something like the Grand Cross as well as an eclipse is a turning point because it typically has a more intense push/pull in ways that effect more obvious change.  Your inner peace assists your inner clarity which assists your outward expression.  All is well, life is evolving.  Some change easily, some quietly, most loudly with great resistance.  You choose your experience by your internal reaction.


Perhaps because of the Cardinal Grand Cross, the energy of expansion feels stronger this month.  Jupiter (part of the Grand Cross) is in cancer right now, a relationship of exaltation.  This will bring to the fore our emotional connections and boundaries.  How can we move beyond judgments and hard lines (rules/ultimatums/controls), into respect for another’s ability choose and also honoring our own?  This will become apparent in the LightBlasts this month as we move beyond our perceptions that limit and separate through resistance.  Separation is a part of the human experience as we honor our separate bodies, choices and viewpoints.  But as we look and feel beyond the separation, we find the deep connection that cancer seeks, the deep connection that brings expansion.  It requires a vulnerability and a strength that takes practice to master.  The intense astrology of April will help us with this movement.

It is this deep, courageous connection that Lightworkers are working to illuminate and enlighten.  Connection is 5th dimensional expression in form.  It is our Ascension work to view this life of separation through the invisible connection of Love.  As we do this, we break the barriers of separation and strengthen the unique beauty of all forms of Life, unity and strength through diversity.  The action of this is compassion as we learn to see beyond differences and disagreements into the power of each sovereign being to choose.  The challenge of this is empowerment as we learn to hold boundaries that support Love and release boundaries that maintain suppression of self or another.  The support of this is Love, as we heal wounds of separation that have allowed the world to culminate as it is now.  The promise of this is the future that is responding to your inner call for peace, equality, joy, freedom and creativity.

In Summary

Get ready for some practical and perhaps some radical movement in April!  You will still be shifting from within, but you will find opportunity knocking and beckoning you onto your path for another level of expansion.  As you watch the world unfold to its evolution, take some time to stop and smell the flowers.  If ever there was an example of the strength of vulnerability, it is a flower.  Fleeting, but not one second is wasted on regret for the blooming and the cycle passing.  As you observe the budding, let the anticipation excite your patience into the beautiful tension of excitement for the moment.  There is such sweetness available in life, find your perspective of loving connection with the moment and allow that beauty to live on through your appreciation, your courage to live robustly and your focus on the Ascension of humanity into mastery.  It’s a process.  You are blazing the trail.

Happy April!

Copyright: © 2005-2014 Jamye Price, All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.

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