Enlightening Life with Jennifer Hoffman on Blog Talk Radio ~ March 26, 2014 ~ Guest: John O’Brien of Nature’s Blueprint Cow

Enlightening Life with Jennifer Hoffman, readings & more
Jennifer Hoffman on Blog Talk Radio
last Wednesday March 26, 2014

Welcome to the Enlightening Life radio show with Jennifer Hoffman, a resource for self, life and spiritual empowerment. Jennifer his a top selling author, intuitive mystic, spiritual mastery guide and your resource for rich, happy and successful living.

In this 90 minute show Jennifer will provide you with resources for life and self empowerment, including discussion of weekly newsletter topics, special guests and caller questions too.

Image, an expert on cattle breeding, who will discuss the truth you don’t know about beef & dairy cattle (and you’ll also learn why today’s genetically altered cattle can’t live on grass).

Listen here each Wednesday at 8PM and join our community. Learn more about Jennifer at http://www.enlighteninglife.com and http://www.urielheals.com. Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you on an upcoming show.

Many blessings

Jennifer Hoffman

Q&A: My Life Should Not Be Like This
On March 26, 2014


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