Dr Mehmet Oz: Your Body is your Temple (I Am Eco Warrior)

Dr. Oz is host of the Daytime Emmy Award-winning The Dr. Oz Show. He is also Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University and directs the Cardiovascular Institute & Complementary Medicine Program at NY Presbyterian.


I’m Dr. Mehmet Oz. I’m the professor and Vice Chairman of Surgery at Columbia University.
I also host a show called the Dr. Oz Show.

I’m passionate about the environment because as a healer I realize it’s essential to our
well-being. Doctors, in fact, all professionals should be speaking more robustly about the importance the environment to the society’s well-being. And I speak about professionalism when I speak about doctors because I think it’s the best way for us to explain the civic responsibility and burden we should all sense. Most professionals, I feel, have been silent along these issues. And when good people stand by and watch bad things happen – shame on us. That’s when society falters. We’re supposed to be the ballast that allows a ship of society which is traveling troubled waters to remain afloat. And we don’t provide that ballast, when we speak up and say the environment is essential to our society’s well-being and to our health, then we lose the ability to influence what society thinks. Too often it’s self-interested groups who are speaking most loudly on these topics.

As a physician community, we must be in the forefront, in the vanguard of this movement.
Without any question our well being is intricately linked to the realization that we
are sacred. The most valuable thing you are ever given by your parents is your body.

The temple of the soul is something we often ignore and a very basic awareness of how special it is is essential for us. When we realize how special we are, then we have to be appreciative of where the seed of our body has been planted, which is in the soil of the environment.

When we ignore the environment, it hurts all of us — and sometimes irreparably.

So to be respectful to each other, to love your fellow man, which is perhaps the greatest joy that one can sense, you must also love the environment around you.

There’s no way of teasing apart love for each other from love for the environment.

And when we feel that very deep responsibility to leave this planet better than when we found it, an obligation to make sure our children can prosper because of what we do, and not be hindered by what we did, then I think we all respect the reality that want to going to turn over the world and its environment in as clean a fashion as we found it.

I feel the Eco Warrior is individuals who have gained an insight as to how important the environment is to our well-being, but also have a deep sense of commitment in making sure that their voice is heard. And if we ignore the discomfort that we’ll feel, the pain that we’ll sense when we speak loudly about an issue that is controversial, then our fellow many won’t understand why it’s so important for them to pay attention to these issues that I think everybody should be following.

Find your eco health

directed by Roger Moenks

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